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Shampoos and Conditioner for special care



The Ricardi Line brings a base of Shampoos and Conditioners with natural actives for any hair type! Benefit from nature's agents such as Açaí, Chamomile, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, leaving your hair looking gently perfect.

Ricardi Lisos Rosa

Panthenol + Shea Butter

straight or chemically treated hair

Strengthening, Nourishment

and Intense Shine

Ricardi Matizante Azul

Açaí + Chamomile

blonde or bleached hair

Tinting Effect,

Softness and Nourishment

Ricardi Crespos Verde

Palm Oil + Coconut

coily or transitioning hair

Deep Wetting,

Super Shine and Softness

Ricardi Cacheado Laranja

Palm Oil + Panthenol

curly or transitioning hair

Super Moisurizing,

Definition and Brightness

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