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Modern technology with

power of clays

Yet Derm Argila Branca Loção


Allied with excellent natural actives for skin health, such as Rosehip, Oat, Shea Butter, among others, the line incorporates the nourishing and remineralizing power of different types of Clays.

With minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, titanium and vitamin A and C, they clean, tone and moisturize the skin, in addition to helping in tissue reconstruction and cell reproduction.

Yet Derm Loção Argila Vermelha e Rosa Mosqueta

Red Clay


Deeply moisturizes, suitable for dry skin

Yet Derm Loção Argila Branca Aveia e Mel

White Clay

Oats & Honey

The most gentle, excellent for sensitive, delicate and blemished skin.

Yet Derm Loção Argila Preta Algas Marinhas e Proteína da Pérola

Black Clay

Seaweed &

Pearl Proteins

Intense, powerful and rich in properties, perfect for mature skin.

Yet Derm Loção Argila Verde Abacate e Manteiga de Karité

Green Clay

Avocado &

Shea Butter

With detox effect and astringent action, this lotion is recommended for oily skin.

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